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 Family Owned vs. Corporate Is there any difference between a family owned funeral home, and a funeral home that is part of a corporate-owned chain?

Over the past several years, large multi-national organizations have been purchasing funeral homes at an alarming rate.

The early nineties saw hundreds of family- operated funerals homes across North America brought into the fold of large multinational firms. 

Recent media reports such as 60 Minutes, Time, US News and World Report conclude that these death care business operations, while trying to maintain the facade of a family operation, quickly increase prices considerably and enforce merchandising policies on employees geared to significantly increase their bottom lines.

The funeral profession has a long, proud history of personal service provided by generations of local families with deep roots in their community. 

Today there are many funeral service providers to choose from.

What you may not know is that not all funeral homes are owned by local families. 

While they may have been operating in your community for years, and their names have not changed, some funeral homes have sold out to national and even international conglomerates. 

These funeral service conglomerates keep the original family name on their businesses because they know that at our greatest time of need you are more likely to turn to a local family you feel you can trust than to a national chain you know nothing about.

These are large corporations that are publicly traded on the stock exchange.

This makes them responsible to their stockholders and board of directors to continually grow profits year after year. 

As a result you end up paying more money and receive less value for your funeral service. 

We are one of many family owned and operated Funeral Home/Mortuaries, and we truly hope that you can find the right one for your loved ones needs.

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